The ICC: Breach in the Dyke, or High Water Mark? (Post)

Published on openGlobalRights, November 3, 2014 The International Criminal Court (ICC) is back in the news. Pressure is growing on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to accede to the Rome Statute; if he does so, the ICC might gain the authority to investigate alleged war crimes in Gaza and the Occupied Territories.  Just a few weeks ago, “citiz… Read More

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Twitter and the #Ottawa Attacks (Post)

As we move past the immediate shock, anger and grief precipitated by the attack in Ottawa last week, debate is beginning in earnest on several fronts: the motivation of the attacker, the adequacy of existing laws to meet ‘lone wolf’ threats, and the risks of another attack. But there are other, more prosaic questions. For example, one that remains unanswere… Read More

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Ottawa Attacks: What We Must Do—and Not Do—in Response (Post)

Locked in today at the University of Ottawa, looking down on the largely deserted canal bike path, several hundred metres from the cenotaph where this morning’s horrifying events began, I was stunned. I was also shaking, and afraid—but not out of any sense of personal peril. I felt perfectly safe, even knowing innocent people were shot and killed or wounded… Read More

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Inside and Out at the Human Rights Museum (Post)

Published on on October 14, 2014 The Canadian Museum for Human Rights opened this month in Winnipeg, in western Canada, reigniting a long-running controversy over its portrayal of human rights issues. Before turning to that debate, however, an initial question arises – what is a human rights museum? At first blush, most people find the… Read More

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Harper at the UN: The Speech He Could (But Won’t) Give (Post)

In a few days, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will address the UN General Assembly. In an alternate universe, imagine a scenario where he is planning to use the event to announce a fundamental new direction for his foreign policy. Perhaps he realizes, in the wake of several turbulent months in global politics, that ‘no going along to get along’ is proving a bit… Read More

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Last Year’s CIPS Blog Highlights, Part 1: Harper’s Foreign Policy (Post)

Last academic year—our third year of publication—CIPS Blog presented a sterling lineup of posts on topics spanning the globe, with a particular focus on Canadian foreign policy. Below, and in successive newsletters this fall, we’ll be presenting highlights from the past year: some of the most interesting, insightful and tough-minded reflections on Ca… Read More

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A Do and Don’t List for the UN’s New Human Rights High Commissioner (Post)

Published on on June 7, 2014 The Permanent Representative of Jordan to the United Nations, Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein (“Prince Zeid”), has just been nominated as the next United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. The outgoing High Commissioner – Navi Pillay of South Africa – served for six years. The High C… Read More

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Quick Take: What’s the Significance of Ukraine/Russia So Far? (Post)

What’s the most significant outcome to date of developments in Ukraine/Russia? CIPS faculty were invited to give brief responses to this question—still very much a development in progress, as many of them point out. Here’s a range of strikingly disparate takes on the meaning of the Ukraine/Russia crisis from a lineup of our expert scholars. Contributors… Read More

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Canada Makes Palestinian Human Rights a Pawn in Mideast Peace Talks (Post)

As John Kerry’s deadline fast approaches for concluding a ‘Framework Agreement’ in the resuscitated Israel-Palestine negotiations, few are optimistic. Those disparaging the deal, or even the need for a deal, appear to have the upper hand in both camps.  The Obama administration, newly preoccupied with Russia and with mounting security challenges in A… Read More

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Coming Soon: A Truly Global Human Rights Revolution? (Post)

Published on the openGlobalRights Blog, March 31, 2014  There is an unmistakable fin de régime sentiment to much current thinking regarding international human rights. Conferences and discussion forums convene to debate ‘the future of human rights’, with implicit in the title the idea that there might not be one.  An upsurge in interest in the history of… Read More

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