Event Report: The Arab Spring, One Year Later (Post)

On January 18, a CIPS discussion panel brought together Omar Ashour (Exeter University and Brookings Doha Centre), Barak Barfi (New America Foundation) and Peter Jones (University of Ottawa) to take stock of events in countries affected by the ‘Arab Spring’ of 2011. Having been asked by moderator Roland Paris to prepare remarks on Egypt, Libya and Ir… Read More

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Africa: No Longer “The Hopeless Continent” (Post)

“Africa Rising” declared The Economist’s front page last week. How things change! Eleven years ago, the front page of the same prestigious weekly declared Africa “The Hopeless Continent”. Then a young soldier brandishing an RPG peered menacingly at the respectable reader, emerging from the dark map of the continent as if to suggest its de… Read More

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The Arab Spring, One Year Later (Event)

Panel discussion featuring: BARAK BARFI, New America Foundation, Washington, D.C. PETER JONES, University of Ottawa OMAR ASHOUR, Exeter University, U.K., and Brookings Doha Centre. Moderated by ROLAND PARIS, University of Ottawa Presented by CIPS. Free. In English. Map of event location (90 University) One year after the beginning of what was then… Read More

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Elle court, elle court, la rumeur à propos de la dévaluation du franc CFA (Post)

Depuis quelques jours, alors que la crise de la dette publique fait rage en Europe, une rumeur persistante à propos d’une très prochaine dévaluation du franc CFA est dans toutes les conversations. Rappelons que dans le cadre de l’accord monétaire assez spécial de la Zone franc, l’euro est rattaché à parité fixe au franc CFA (Communauté Fin… Read More

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Almost One Year On: Lessons from the Arab Spring (Post)

Guest contributor: STEFAN WOLFF Professor of International Security at the University of Birmingham, UK When Mohamed Bouazizi, a jobless graduate in the provincial city of Sidi Bouzid in Tunisia, about 200km southwest of the capital Tunis, set himself on fire on 18 December 2010 after police had confiscated a cart from which he was selling fruit and veget… Read More

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Anvil Mining and Human Rights Abuses in the Congo: Seeking Justice through Canadian Courts (Event)

PATRICIA FEENY, Rights and Accountability in Development, and ANDIE LAMB, Global Witness. Presented by CIPS and the Human Rights Research and Education Center. Free. In English. Registration is not required. Anvil Mining, a company with headquarters in Canada, has been accused of being complicit in human rights abuses in the DRC, including an attack on… Read More

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Mission incomplète (Post)

Published in La Presse.ca, October 27, 2011 La guerre en Libye est maintenant terminée, du moins celle dans laquelle sont engagés les Occidentaux, avec la mort du dictateur Mouammar Kadhafi. Selon le ministre des Affaires étrangères, John Baird, «la mission autorisée par les Nations unies pour protéger les civils libyens contre le régime Kadha… Read More

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‘Conflict Minerals’, Canada and African Civil Wars (Post)

The global campaign against so-called ‘conflict minerals’ is gathering pace, with Canada playing a central role.The campaign is primarily focused on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), from where reports about ‘rape’ or ‘blood’ cellphones’ have fueled our collective guilt, so much so that the names of previously obscure minera… Read More

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The Ripple Effects of Gadhafi’s Death (Post)

Published in the Globe and Mail, October 21, 2011. Although the images of Moammar Gadhafi’s body being dragged through the streets are disturbing, one can understand why his death is being deliriously welcomed in Libya. Often regarded as a clown in the West, Colonel Gadhafi was a brutal tyrant. His death removes the slim chance that he, or forces loyal to h… Read More

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Peacebuilding in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Contradictions and Gaps (Event)

Panelists: MODESTE MBA TALLA, JOHN NKOKO LIPAMBALA, ARLETTE MAYALA NKOSI, University of Ottawa. Chaired by STEPHEN BROWN, School of Political Studies, and STEPHEN BARANYI, School of International Development and Global Studies Presented by the Fragile States Research Network at CIPS, in association with the African Study and Research Laboratory. F… Read More

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