Scars of War Remain in Uganda (Post)

The full article was published in the Ottawa Citizen, March 13, 2012. By coincidence, I was in Pader, northern Uganda, last week when the video about the murderous warlord Joseph Kony, called Kony 2012, went viral. The video has ignited controversy concerning the motives and methods of those behind the populist campaign to see him captured. If nothing else… Read More

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The KONY2012 Campaign and Its Critics (Post)

Guest contributor: REX BRYNEN Professor of Political Science, McGill University In recent days, a social media-based campaign called KONY2012 has gone viral with worldwide calls for the arrest of Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The LRA is responsible for 25 years of violence, child abduction, and forced sexual slaver… Read More

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The Kimberley Process at Twelve: Analyzing the First Dozen Years of Global Governance Efforts to End the Trade of Conflict Diamonds (Event)

ANDREW GRANT, Queen’s University. Presented by CIPS. Free. In English. Registration is not required. Andrew Grant is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University. His recent publications focus on conflict diamonds and the Kimberley Process, non-state armed groups and regional security, post-conflict r… Read More

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Senegal: Warnings From a Model Democracy on the Brink (Post)

Senegal, one of Africa’s most celebrated democracies, hovers on the brink of electoral chaos and political violence.  At least six people have already been killed, and protests and demonstrations are continuing on a daily basis despite the violent crack-down of the riot police. The most pessimistic observers fear that Senegal might follow in the blood-… Read More

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Financement du développement : Et si la solution chinoise offrait un plus pour la bonne gouvernance ? (Post)

C’est un fait ! La Chine est de plus en plus présente en Afrique. Les formes que prennent ses interventions sont toutes autant différentes de celles des partenaires « traditionnels » des pays les moins avancés. Ceci est particulièrement vrai pour le financement des infrastructures de développement. En effet, les anciennes métropoles et autres pays occid… Read More

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South Africa in the New World Order (Event)

ELIZABETH COBBETT, Department of Political Science, Carleton University. Presented by the International Political Economy Network at CIPS. Free. In English. Registration is not required. Elizabeth Cobbett is completing a PhD thesis which explores the different ways in which global finance seeks profitable opportunities within localized social s… Read More

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Event Report: The Arab Spring, One Year Later (Post)

On January 18, a CIPS discussion panel brought together Omar Ashour (Exeter University and Brookings Doha Centre), Barak Barfi (New America Foundation) and Peter Jones (University of Ottawa) to take stock of events in countries affected by the ‘Arab Spring’ of 2011. Having been asked by moderator Roland Paris to prepare remarks on Egypt, Libya and Iran, r… Read More

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Africa: No Longer “The Hopeless Continent” (Post)

“Africa Rising” declared The Economist’s front page last week. How things change! Eleven years ago, the front page of the same prestigious weekly declared Africa “The Hopeless Continent”. Then a young soldier brandishing an RPG peered menacingly at the respectable reader, emerging from the dark map of the continent as if to suggest its descent into sav… Read More

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The Arab Spring, One Year Later (Event)

Panel discussion featuring: BARAK BARFI, New America Foundation, Washington, D.C. PETER JONES, University of Ottawa OMAR ASHOUR, Exeter University, U.K., and Brookings Doha Centre. Moderated by ROLAND PARIS, University of Ottawa Presented by CIPS. Free. In English. Map of event location (90 University) One year after the beginning of what was then c… Read More

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Elle court, elle court, la rumeur à propos de la dévaluation du franc CFA (Post)

Depuis quelques jours, alors que la crise de la dette publique fait rage en Europe, une rumeur persistante à propos d’une très prochaine dévaluation du franc CFA est dans toutes les conversations. Rappelons que dans le cadre de l’accord monétaire assez spécial de la Zone franc, l’euro est rattaché à parité fixe au franc CFA (Communauté Financière d’Afriqu… Read More

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