An Imperfect Election and New Government Offer Only Glimmers of Hope for Afghanistan (Post)

The formation of a National Unity Government (NUG) in Afghanistan, ending the long 2014 presidential election process, has been hailed by international leaders as a peaceful and democratic transfer of power. Objective analysts, however, question the merits of such a view. The ethnically divided second-round election in Afghanistan raised concerns a… Read More

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Short-term Hopes for a Unity Government as Prospects for Afghan Democracy Darken (Post)

Afghanistan’s never-ending election process is continuing past the quarter-year mark as political, economic and security crises loom large on the horizon. A democratic election, providing the opportunity for popular participation in forming a government, also helps build legitimacy for the government formed. But the harvest of legitimacy cannot b… Read More

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Afghanistan’s Never-Ending Election Multiplies Causes for Concern (Post)

A relatively orderly and peaceful first-round election in Afghanistan this year saw an almost 60% voter turnout in defiance of Taliban threats, symbolizing Afghans’ determination to unite in the interest of peace and stability. The democratic process appeared to have united the country’s factions. However, a second round of election, made necessary b… Read More

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Ethnic Divisions Mar Afghanistan’s Second-Round Elections (Post)

The Afghan election, which started with enormous enthusiasm from Afghan voters, the government and the international community, has turned sour. It is now marred with disputes centred on ethnic (mainly Pashtun/Tajik) divisions, splitting the country along ethnic lines and driving it towards a 1990s civil war scenario. With the disputes around allege… Read More

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The June 14 Elections Confirm Afghans’ Verdict Against the Taliban (Post)

On the June 14 election day, Afghans again delivered an anti-Taliban verdict. Despite the strong Taliban offensive preceding the day, 7 million Afghans (60% of registered voters) cast their votes. True, the euphoria that dominated the first round was absent; yet Afghans turned up in numbers as large as before. The voter turnout represents a second refere… Read More

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Is Afghanistan Set to Elect a Truly National President? (Post)

Afghanistan is getting ready to go to a second round of polls on June 14. The fairly peaceful first round (despite some irregularities and scattered violence in the outlying provinces) symbolized Afghans’ interest in supporting a democratic process to elect a leader for security building, peace and development. While 60% of Afghans cast their votes for t… Read More

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Afghanistan’s Future: The Elections and Beyond (Event)

SIMA SAMAR, Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission. Presented by CIPS. Free. In English. Registration is not required. Seating is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Room change: FSS 8003 Dr. Sima Samar is Chairperson of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission. A doctor by training, she spent a decade in exile in Pakis… Read More

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Afghanistan’s 2014 Election: A Referendum Against the Taliban (Post)

April 5 was the day of Afghanistan’s historic election, a milestone in its history. I saw men and women, young and old, lined up in the rain-damped city to vote from dawn to dusk, exercising their democratic rights.  In 50 years of residence in Canada, I have not seen Canadians voting in such large numbers in perfect weather and safety conditions. Perhaps deve… Read More

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