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Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

When We Should, and Shouldn’t, Revoke Citizenship

The long federal election campaign has been knocked off course at various stages by the unexpected: revelations from the Duffy trial; the accelerating Syrian refugee crisis; the niqab issue in citizenship ceremonies; and now, courtesy of Monday night’s Munk debate on foreign policy, the issue of the revocation of Canadian citizenship. That issue, in… Read More

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Terror No-Go Zones an Election-Friendly Scrap

Published in the Ottawa Citizen, August 14, 2015 The campaign trail declaration by the Stephen Harper Conservatives to set up a regime of designated no-go terrorist activity zones is a left-over from the omnibus anti-terrorism legislation that the government introduced and passed earlier in 2015. The proposal for yet another tweak to Canada’s anti-t… Read More

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The Summer of Cyber Attacks

Published in the Ottawa Sun, July 3, 2015 Two things can be said about Ottawa’s summer, so far. One is that it has been wet; the other is that it’s been raining cyber attacks on federal government websites. The most recent have been nuisance attacks on the website of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, conducted by a little-known group c… Read More

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Information Gap About Zehaf-Bibeau Threatens Security

Published in the Ottawa Citizen, June 4, 2015 The release of several reports into the attack by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau on Parliament Hill last October reveal some missed opportunities to apprehend the shooter before he entered Parliament. The major lessons that needed to be learned were long available and pre-dated the Zehaf-Bibeau attacks. It took the sh… Read More

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C-51 Has Sparked A Much-Needed Conversation About Security and Rights

Published in the Globe and Mail, March 25, 2015 The best thing that might come out of Bill C-51, the government’s proposed new anti-terrorism legislation, will not be the bill itself, certainly not if it passes through the House of Commons and Senate un-amended. The best thing might be an affirmation that Canadians care about finding the right balance bet… Read More

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The Anti-Terrorism Legislation Has Likely Been Oversold

Published in the Ottawa Citizen, January 28, 2015 The Canadian government has been beating the drum about the need for new counter-terrorism powers since the October, 2014 terror attacks in Quebec and Ottawa. A legislative package is finally scheduled to be tabled in Parliament on Friday. The substance of this new legislation has been subject to some inte… Read More

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The Rise and Fall of Arthur Porter

Published in the National Post, September 29, 2014 Arthur Porter led a seemingly charmed life, which took him from the impoverished country of his birth, Sierra Leone, to elite Cambridge University, where he earned a medical degree. The young Arthur Porter, “ambitious and driven,” as he describes himself, embarked on a dizzying rise to the top ranks o… Read More

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