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Are Canadians Still Liberal Internationalists?

I recently wrote in the Globe and Mail that we shouldn’t expect to see a warming in Canada’s relations with the United Nations, which have been chilly since the Harper government failed to win a seat for Canada on the Security Council in 2010. In that article, I mentioned that I’d done some research into the question of whether Canadians s… Read More

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Canada’s Decade of Diplomatic Darkness

Published in the Globe and Mail, Sept. 24, 2014 When Prime Minister Stephen Harper addresses the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, observers should not expect a warming in Canada’s attitude toward the world body. Since Mr. Harper failed to win Canada a Security Council seat in 2010, he and his ministers have derided the UN for its “moral relativi… Read More

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Obama’s Gamble in Iraq and Syria

President Barack Obama’s speech on Wednesday marks the third major shift in United States counterterrorism strategy since 9/11, but it remains to be seen if the new approach will work better than the previous ones. The first shift followed the 9/11 attacks, when George W. Bush launched what became known as the Global War on Terror. The main elements of this s… Read More

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Peacekeeping Works Better Than You May Think

Does peacekeeping work? Janice Stein (University of Toronto) and I had a lively exchange on this subject on the CBC radio program “The House” this weekend. Have a listen. In the interview, I said that more than two dozen major peace operations have been deployed over the past 25 years in countries emerging from civil wars, and that although some have been terr… Read More

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NATO Must Face Looming Challenges Now, Not Later

Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are grappling with big decisions as they prepare for their September summit in Wales. What stance should they adopt towards Russia?  Should they keep the alliance’s doors open to new members? And what role, if any, should NATO play beyond Europe? In March, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen invi… Read More

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Canadian Military Spending as a Percent of GDP

This chart might come as a surprise to some Canadians. Canada’s defence spending as a percentage of GDP has decreased since 2009 and is now lower than it was when the Conservative government took office. Although, as I noted in an earlier post, GDP per capita is a blunt measure that tells us nothing about the effectiveness or efficiency of spending, it d… Read More


Harper’s Heroic Ukraine Message Does Not Reflect Reality

Published in the Globe and Mail, June 3, 2014 As Prime Minister Stephen Harper heads to Europe for the G7 summit and anniversary of D-Day, the gap between Canada’s outspoken rhetoric and its diminishing capabilities in international affairs is clearer than ever. Much of the trip will focus on Russia’s destabilizing actions in Ukraine. First, Mr. Harper wi… Read More

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