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Canada’s F-35 Rumour Mill

The replacement of Canada’s CF-18s is back in the news. Last week, Murray Brewster reported on a leaked PowerPoint presentation indicating that Canada will acquire four F-35s in 2017. Since this would require swapping with aircraft slated for the United States Air Force, the slide deck indicates that the Canadian government will need to send a letter of in… Read More

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When Does Parliament Get to Vote on Military Deployments?

Canada’s deployment of military advisors to Iraq has raised questions about Parliament’s role in deployment decisions. The Conservative government has decided that a parliamentary committee will be briefed about the operation. The New Democratic Party (NDP) deems this insufficient; they would like the House of Commons to vote on the mission. The Libe… Read More

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Parliament Neglects its Duty to Debate Military Deployments

Published in the Ottawa Citizen, May 6, 2014 It is easy to blame Parliament’s failings on an excess of executive power in our system of government. In certain cases, however, the legislature is the source of its own marginality. The absence of a substantive debate in the House of Commons regarding Canada’s military deployments in response to the crisis in Uk… Read More

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The Queen of Canada is Dead; Long Live the British Queen

Published in Macleans.ca, February 3, 2012 Canada’s most monarchist government in decades has just dealt a serious blow to the Canadian Crown. In an effort to quickly enact changes regarding royal succession, the government has introduced a bill that undermines the concept of a truly independent Canadian Crown, the foundation of Canadian sovereignty.… Read More

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Defence Procurement Problems Run Deeper Than the F-35

Published in the Ottawa Citizen, December 6, 2012 It’s been a rough year for Canadian defence procurement. This past spring, the Auditor General lambasted the defence department’s lack of due diligence in selecting the F-35 to replace the air force’s aging CF-18 fighters. A few months later, the acquisition of new army trucks was cancelled when it became c… Read More

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Succeeding to the Canadian Throne

By James W.J. Bowden and Philippe Lagassé The full article was published in the Ottawa Citizen, December 4, 2012 We learned this week that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child. The news was greeted with the usual mix of republican derision, monarchist fawning and celebrity gossiping. In governments across the Commonwealth, a m… Read More

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The F-35 is Down but Not Out as Canada’s Next Fighter

The Harper government recently announced that the National Fighter Procurement Secretariat (NFPS) will be looking at various options to replace Canada’s aging CF-18s. This comes at a time when the news about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the plane that the Department of National Defence (DND) and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) favour, is facing… Read More

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Teaching Hobbes

After a month of lectures on Plato and Machiavelli, today I’m starting to teach Hobbes in my second-year undergraduate course on philosophical perspectives on conflict and rights. Personally, I find that this is the most interesting part of the course, except maybe for the two lectures on Foucault at the end. Based on my Twitter feed, it’s cle… Read More

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The Measure of a CDS

First published on the Canadian International Council website. A new Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) was appointed by the Governor-in-Council last week. Following a few months of speculation about who would be named, Cabinet decided on Lieutenant-General Thomas Lawson, who had been serving as the deputy commander of the North American Aerospace Defen… Read More

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