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The Iran Deal Has Two Kinds of Critics

Published in the Globe and Mail, April 8, 2015 The framework for a deal on Iran’s nuclear program goes further than many had predicted. If translated into a final agreement – a very big “if” – it would give solid and verifiable assurance that Tehran could not “break out” to a nuclear weapon in less than a year. In return, Iran would get phased-in r… Read More

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Security Review or Oversight? The Critical Difference

Published in the Globe and Mail, March 11, 2015 The government’s legislation to increase the powers of Canada’s security services has stimulated a necessary and welcome debate. One aspect of this debate concerns the question of what is the appropriate level of scrutiny of these services, and who should do it. This is an important issue in any democrati… Read More

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John Baird’s Middle East Legacy

This is one of a series of CIPS Blog posts examining the legacy of John Baird as Canada’s foreign minister. See also the posts by Daniel Livermore, David Petrasek, Colin Robertson and Ferry de Kerckhove. In commenting on John Baird’s legacy as foreign minister, one must recognize that Baird has no real legacy; like all ministers in this government,… Read More

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Engaging Iranian Dissidents, Or Catering to the Tory Base?

The Canadian government is renewing its support for a project, based at the University of Toronto’s Munk Centre, to provide Iranian dissidents with a secure means of communicating and circumventing Iranian censorship. The project will also be extended to provide similar services to dissidents in other countries. The idea of Western governments prov… Read More

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The Curious Case of Jonathan Pollard

One of the stranger aspects of the current round of the interminable Israeli-Palestinian peace talks is the reported idea that the U.S. is considering releasing Jonathan Pollard as an inducement to keep the Israeli government at the peace table for a few more months. Pollard is an American Jew who was an intelligence analyst for the Pentagon in the 1980s bef… Read More

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Europe Will Wake Up, and Putin Can Expect a Harsh Response

Published in The Globe and Mail, March 19, 2014 There are many aspects to the current struggle over the future of Crimea which pose serious difficulties for an international community that would like to respond firmly. On the one hand, Vladimir Putin’s charade over troops without insignia notwithstanding, this is an act of naked aggression against a sov… Read More

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A Response to Derek Burney on Canada’s Foreign Policy

A January 2nd op-ed in the Globe and Mail (republished in the CIPS Blog) on the current foreign policy of the Conservatives generated a lot of responses. Many were supportive, and others were quite critical. That is fine; debate is what the opinion pages of a newspaper is supposed to generate. One response struck me as particularly requiring my own reply. In a… Read More

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Canada’s Bitter, Small-Minded Foreign Policy

A foreign policy comprises many things. Interests, however defined, often dominate. But values must also be present if that policy is to be more than a series of transactions. Canada has always been a curious country when it comes to foreign policy. Blessed with abundant resources and not specifically threatened, we have always had more scope than most to i… Read More

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Iran is a Process. Pay Attention, Canada

The interim Iranian nuclear deal is just that: interim. It is not the final word on the Iranian nuclear problem; it buys time for a permanent solution to be negotiated. Iran has agreed to temporarily constrain its nuclear program in various ways and to accept more stringent international verification, but it has not accepted any irreversible limitations.… Read More

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