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Not for Sale: Protecting the Victims of Human Trafficking in Europe and Canada

The conference Not For Sale: Protecting the Victims of Human Trafficking in Europe and Canada, held on October 16, was organized jointly by the Embassies of Switzerland and Austria, in collaboration with the Centre for International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa. The idea to provide this platform for discussion was based on the Swiss Chairma… Read More

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A Failure to Protect: Canada’s Shameful Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

By Emma Kenyon and Patti Tamara Lenard The Canadian government’s response to the Syria refugee crisis is pathetic. In the face of what some are calling the worst refugee crisis in a generation—in 2013 the number of registered Syrian refugees grew to 2.2 million, and tens of thousands are waiting to be registered—the Canadian government has pledged t… Read More

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Protecting Whom? Certainly Not Refugees or Canada’s Reputation for Justice

By Emma Kenyon and Patti Tamara Lenard The Throne Speech has come and gone, and buried in the hoopla surrounding the demise of cable television bundling were some terrifically misleading claims about “progress” towards meeting Canada’s immigration priorities. The government claimed victory in nearly halving its application backlog for perman… Read More

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Indecent Proposals: Why the Fraser Institute is Wrong on Immigration

Published September 9, 2013 on the Broadbent Blog My best guess is that the Fraser Institute expects no one to read the report behind their newest sensationalist press release, in which they claim that the cost of immigrants to Canada is staggeringly high. Anyone who looked at the report more closely would find false claims, deliberately misleading argume… Read More

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Immigration Raids Are Not Entertainment

On Friday, the Globe and Mail reported that, accompanied by television crews to film their activities, the Canadian Services Border Agency (CSBA) raided construction sites in British Columbia believed to be staffed in part by irregular migrants, with the purpose of  apprehending and deporting those who are not entitled to live and work in Canada. The re… Read More

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Canada Steps up Global Competition for ‘Brains’—At What Cost?

The global competition for talent—the ‘battle for the brains’—is fierce, and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney knows that Canada can no longer assume that it is uniquely attractive as a destination for high-skilled migrants. Along with many other states, we must now entice these migrants to join us, rather than assume they desire to do so.  Thi… Read More

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