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How Do Global Norms Bear on Reconciliation with Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples?

This week, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, chaired by Justice Murray Sinclair, released its preliminary findings from a five-year inquiry into the terrible era of residential schools for Aboriginal children in Canada. These findings, and the surrounding public discussion, touched on a wide range of topics: the abuses inflicted on children i… Read More

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There’s Weirder Stuff Than Niqabs at Stake in the Citizenship Oath

It was reported with mild fanfare this week that new rules of royal succession have come into effect, with all Commonwealth countries now assenting to give girls equal standing in the British monarchy’s line of succession. However, a group of legal experts is challenging the validity of Canada’s assent in Quebec Superior Court, arguing that the provi… Read More

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An Alliance Above Politics? Israel Tests Diaspora Strategists

At first glance, Israel’s current relations with Canada and the United States, two of its closest allies, could hardly seem more divergent. Last week’s surprise resignation by foreign minister John Baird gave rise to days of media coverage noting the no-visible-daylight degree of closeness between the current Canadian and Israeli governments. Ba… Read More

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Last Year’s CIPS Blog Highlights, Part 4: Soldiers and Spies

In this final installment of the CIPS Blog Greatest Hits 2013-14, we turn to the topic of Soldiers and Spies. It spans a range of military and security controversies that arose both in Canada and globally. They include new powers and oversight capacities of national intelligence agencies; debates about the direction of military spending; questions of dem… Read More

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Last Year’s CIPS Blog Highlights, Part 3: International Development

Following a turbulent period for Canada’s international aid program—one that saw the folding of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) into the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development—the 2013-14 year saw CIPS bloggers reflecting on both Canada’s own development spending as well as international trends and prio… Read More

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Last Year’s CIPS Blog Highlights, Part 2: New Global Threats

Here at CIPS we are pleased with the flurry of blog posts that our expert authors have submitted in the new academic year: more than a dozen in the past two weeks alone – and more in the works. This speaks to the engagement of CIPS faculty and fellows in the sphere of public discussion, and to our lively roster of upcoming guest speakers. Last week, we presen… Read More

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Last Year’s CIPS Blog Highlights, Part 1: Harper’s Foreign Policy

Last academic year—our third year of publication—CIPS Blog presented a sterling lineup of posts on topics spanning the globe, with a particular focus on Canadian foreign policy. Below, and in successive newsletters this fall, we’ll be presenting highlights from the past year: some of the most interesting, insightful and tough-minded reflectio… Read More

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The Use and Abuse of Diversity in Canada’s Foreign Policy

In late May of this year, the Ottawa Forum delivered a sparkling lineup of speakers who proposed new directions for Canada’s international policy. A recurrent theme of the forum’s discussions, in the words of co-organizers Taylor Owen and Roland Paris, was “the danger of complacency and the urgent need for innovative policy responses” to meet di… Read More

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In Dispute with Muslim Organization, PMO Wrong to Allege Skeletons in Closet

Published in the Toronto Star, February 26, 2014 Never forget: these are charged words for Canada’s ethnic or religious groups when it comes to keeping alive the memory of historical atrocities “back home.” But they’re also charged words, in more problematic ways when they’re used to justify grudge-holding and witch-hunts against individua… Read More

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