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The Use and Abuse of Diversity in Canada’s Foreign Policy

In late May of this year, the Ottawa Forum delivered a sparkling lineup of speakers who proposed new directions for Canada’s international policy. A recurrent theme of the forum’s discussions, in the words of co-organizers Taylor Owen and Roland Paris, was “the danger of complacency and the urgent need for innovative policy responses” to meet dizzying gl… Read More

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In Dispute with Muslim Organization, PMO Wrong to Allege Skeletons in Closet

Published in the Toronto Star, February 26, 2014 Never forget: these are charged words for Canada’s ethnic or religious groups when it comes to keeping alive the memory of historical atrocities “back home.” But they’re also charged words, in more problematic ways when they’re used to justify grudge-holding and witch-hunts against individuals or groups… Read More

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Shining Light on Harper’s Darkling Mideast Outlook

When a private citizen holds a world view filled with forces of light and darkness, with heroes and villains and mystical bonds tying fates together, that’s generally her own business. When that person is the Prime Minister of Canada, however, and that world view bears on the nation’s foreign policy, it’s of wider public interest. Earlier this month, a blac… Read More

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Two Tweets on Iran That Speak Volumes About Ottawa

Published in the Toronto Star, November 25, 2013 As months of negotiations between the “P5+1” world powers and Iran concluded on Saturday night with the announcement of a deal struck in Geneva, Canada’s role at this historic moment was never in doubt. Having suspended diplomatic relations with Iran in 2012, and hurled a continual stream of hostility and co… Read More

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Canadian Foreign Policy for Dummies

Published in the Toronto Star, November 11, 2013 So it’s come to this: not only are Canadian citizens being dumbed-down by political parties who treat them as narrow-minded consumerist taxpayers, but now the leading lights of Canada’s journalism establishment are joining in the effort. That’s the conclusion to be drawn from a review by Globe and Mail colu… Read More

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Will a New Minister Fix Canada’s Ideas-free Immigration Policy?

The disloyalty is shocking. Waves of migrants arrive at a country’s shores seeking economic opportunity, a higher quality of life for themselves and their children, or refuge from political uncertainty — only to return to their home countries or move on to other ones while retaining open-ended rights of return and access to social benefits. Sound like a re… Read More

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Holy Fools of Diplomacy in the Harper Era

Published in the Toronto Star, October 7, 2013 In detective novels, the most swaggering posture is a hard-boiled one, wise to the ways of the world and expecting venality at every turn. The same holds true in diplomacy, commonly thought to be a sphere in which state interest is paramount and collective action persists just as long as the interest of each state… Read More

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When Prodigal Jihadis Come Home

Published in the Toronto Star, September 30, 2013 It’s getting to be a familiar theme that Canadians’ global origins and global mobility can intersect frighteningly with currents in Islamist terrorism. Two Canadians were killed in this month’s Al Shabab attack on a Nairobi shopping centre, and a Canadian teenager maimed in the attack is recovering in a To… Read More

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