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China’s Domino Tactics Boost Infrastructure Bank

China is looking ever the experienced super-power. In a week it has scooped up all the important European dominos, humiliating a U.S. government which has lobbied hard to block the launch of China’s new $50b Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The dominos have fallen quickly. Last week it was the UK’s turn to join, preferring its commercial i… Read More

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Is the Global Partnership Ready for Action?

The Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation was born at a global conference held in Busan, Korea in 2011 to confront concerns that old-fashioned aid (ODA) was not working. Billions were being spent and the Global South’s poor and vulnerable remained frozen in their fate. Grant aid had to be understood as a necessary but not sufficient… Read More

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Will a New Development Architecture Undercut the Poorest?

We are still living in the global financial crisis. Much of Europe and even the world of emerging economies are in the doldrums. By some standards, the situation has become grimmer, with China and Germany joining the list of countries struggling to maintain their economic sparkle. There is some recovery in the U.S. and UK, but hard-headed OECD and IMF foreca… Read More

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Who’s Leading the World?

The simple but disturbing answer is: nobody. Our world has over a billion people still living in extreme poverty. There are 25 million jobless in Europe. Jihadists control half of Iraq. The Doha Trade Round is in its 13th year without producing any major benefits. And we are burning carbon ever faster, bringing ourselves closer to global warming disaster. M… Read More

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With Russia Out of the G8, What About the G7 and G20?

Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Prime Minister Harper has insistently demanded that Russia be expelled from the G8. But what sort of G7 will survive that action? And what happens to the G20? For now, the situation was resolved at Monday’s crisis G7 meeting called by President Obama as an add-on to a nuclear summit this week. The Sochi G8 is cance… Read More

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Poverty, Inequality and Inclusiveness: Which Comes First?

These overlapping concepts together frame what many define as one of the principal challenges of modern society in both developing and developed countries. They have recently come to focus for two distinct reasons. The global financial crisis has exposed new vulnerabilities in supposedly developed societies such as Greece and Spain, even the USA. Thes… Read More

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A Post-2015 Development Agenda: Into the Last (Long) Lap

Post-2015 is becoming the biggest development game in town, especially New York. A flurry of activity in the summer months climaxed at the end of September with a UNGA ‘Special Event’ at which leaders from both developed and developing countries rose to praise their successes in delivering the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to set out the pat… Read More

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Is the Global Partnership Ready to Broaden Its Mandate?

Partnership, especially global, has to be a good thing. But many saw the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation as a flawed last-minute compromise agreed at the 2011 Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, Korea. The question remains whether the Global Partnership (GP) might evolve into a key element in the new global architecture on sust… Read More

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A Better Canadian Growth Strategy: Both Inclusive and Effective

Canada is struggling to find a viable export-led growth strategy. So far we are surviving the global financial crisis due to our conservative regulatory framework. But there was no superior Harper-Flaherty economic wisdom or even Bank of Canada Governor Carney wizardry. With the U.S. still wobbly and Europe deep in its economic doldrums, we remain very v… Read More

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