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Associate Professor, School of Political Studies, and Coordinator, International Political Economy Network

Jacqueline Best

The Austerity Trap

As the prognosis for the global economy gets darker by the day, we are hearing one word over and over: austerity.  The British government has announced that it will extend its austerity measures past the next election in 2015. In Canada, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has reiterated that the solution to the current economic crisis, both here and in Europe, is… Read More

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Economic Exceptionalism

In the aftermath of 9/11, we entered a moment of political exceptionalism: we were told that in normal times, certain basic civil rights applied, but these were exceptional times and the normal rules didn’t apply. Suddenly, practices like torture, detention without charge, and the denial of the basic rights of prisoners of war were deemed acceptable. Ov… Read More

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